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19. Ethiopian. Happy.
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African men debunk stereotypes portrayed by Hollywood blockbusters.

awwww! they were so adorable! 

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Just because a guy fucking you don’t mean he fuck with you. He can be deep inside you and still don’t feel you.
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Nicki on the Ellen show

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You know all those captions that say, “me on my way to steal yo girl?” HE DID IT.
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my blog will make you horny ;)

Couples blog

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You would HAVE to burn more calories cycling this way
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Discipline Is Not a Dirty Word by Joyce Meyer
First and foremost, living a disciplined life and establishing new habits requires a lot more than just will power.
I’ll never forget the time years ago when I heard a teaching about the power of words. That day, I left church and said, “That’s it! I’m going to shut my mouth and not say one bad thing. I’m going to discipline myself!”
You can probably guess how that turned out. Actually, I did manage to keep quiet, but then I realized I was depressed. The Lord spoke to my heart and said, “You shut your mouth, but nothing on the inside has changed.”
Here’s the lesson: Even when God asks us to do something, we still cannot do it successfully unless we lean on Him. John 15:5 has changed my life. It says, …Apart from Me you can do nothing (NAS).
Take a little time each day to read God’s Word and talk to Him in prayer. Some of my greatest breakthroughs have been the result of simply sitting quietly in His presence, letting Him know that I can’t do anything if He doesn’t make it happen.
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